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Top 50 Reasons to Lose Weight

This site is not about weight loss. It is about living a happy and full life despite the challenges that extra pounds may bring. However, dieting is definitely a worthy goal. Below are a list of The 50 Top Reasons to Lose Weight.

1. Helps a lot when looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend.
2. It's easier on your knees.
3. You will live longer.
4. You will be more comfortable.
5. You will be able to move more quickly with far less effort than it now takes you to move slowly.
6. You'll be able to hop.
7. You're less likely to die of a stroke before you're 40.
8. You're less likely to die of a heart attack before you're 40.
9. You will be more agile and can maneuver around tight areas.
10. You probably won't be severely injured when you fall/slip/trip.
11. Stairs are less scary.
12. You won't have to worry about airlines' ticket policies.
13. You will be more maneuverable in your seat when driving, and it won't be as scary.
14. All seats will be more comfortable.
15. You will be able to use booths at restaurants.
16. Your clothes will be cheaper.
17. Dress pants won't rip as easily.
18. You can eat less, and still not be hungry since you will need/want fewer calories.
19. You will save money on food.
20. Improves physical intimacy.
21. You can run faster when escaping from knife-wielding psychos.
22. You're more likely to dodge bullets when escaping from someone that's shooting at you.
23. Getting out of your chair is not difficult.
24. You will be able to walk farther without any difficulty.
25. You will be able to walk several miles with minimal difficulty.
26. You will be able to climb stairs with no difficulty.
27. You're a smaller target if someone starts shooting at you.
28. You will be able to fit in normal lawn furniture.
29. You will be able to lay down on the ground and get up easily, if necessary.
30. Finding rental cars will be much easier.
31. You don't have to worry about if you will fit in a friend's car.
32. It will improve your self-esteem.
33. You will be able to get jobs that your weight previously disqualified you for.
34. You won't suffer arbitrary discrimination because of your weight.
35. Standing up will be effortless.
36. You'll be able to walk faster with little effort.
37. You probably won't be bedridden by a stroke before your 40, thus not needing someone to attend to your nether regions, and not being at the mercy of this individual.
38. Your life will be more enjoyable, because you will not have to carry additional weight everywhere you go.
39. You can lose all the weight you need to lose without starving.
40. You can eat anything you want, but you have to have self-control since you can't eat ALL you want.
41. You can lose weight without exercising to death.
42. You can climb over a fence if you need to.
43. You can use any toilet facilities without worry.
44. You can climb a ladder if you need to.
45. If you have to take the stairs out of a burning building (and you're on the 50th floor,) you will be able to. Otherwise, you're toast.
46. Seat belts will fit easily.
47. You will be able to ride a bike.
48. You can sit on a swinging chair.
49. You can shop for clothes at any retail outlet.
50. You can wear polo shirts.

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