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Jim and Rob - Amanda Seyfried, Home Defense, and Lost in Translation

Rob: And then thereís that movie, Chloe. It has that blond girl, Amanda Seyfried, in it. A really pretty blond girl. She played a member of the clique in Mean Girls, but she wasnít really the focus of any attention at all. Iím not sure if she even had any lines. But, anyway, I watched Chloe. It was a pretty good movie. There was a lesbian sex scene between her and Julianne Moore.

Jim: Well, hell, that sounds like a good reason to watch the movie, right there.

Rob: Yeah, I know. That always spices things up. So, then, I watched the movie with the commentaries on, and it was Amanda and some other production people, like the director and somebody. A lot of times in the commentaries they donít have any of the stars talking, and it was nice to have her on there. She also sounds like a smart girl.

Amanda was on Craig Ferguson one night, and she walks out. Craig has this ridiculous robot skeleton as his sidekick, because they didnít have a human sidekick for him. The Mythbusters people built it for him. So, she came out and she did this moveÖthis little flirty moveÖ at the robot. Man, she can turn on the charm. That flirtation thing was effortless, and it was hot. So, she sits down and she does the interview, and itís obvious that sheís intelligent and sheís also nervous. And the contrast there, you see. Just a minute ago she pulls this awesome flirt move, and then she sits down and sheís a smart, nervous girl. So, you can see how screwed up a pretty girlís world is. They manipulate things with their feminine wiles, and then, if theyíre smart, they do things that smart people do. So, she was in the commentary, and she was kinda embarrassed when they got to the sex scene. Iím sure thatís one of those things that you might not mind performing, but you donít actually want to talk to anybody about it. Thatís where, during the premier to the public, where all the stars show up, you just sit and cover your eyes.

So, I looked at the Blockbuster video rental and online movie viewing, and Iím not sure if it would really work well, because itís $10 a month, but thatís a promotional rate. Itís actually $15 a month after the first year. And with Netflix Iím paying about $18 a month. And Netflix has 5 or 6 times the amount of stuff that Blockbuster has that you can view online. So, Iím a rational person. Thereís no point in jumping ship if they donít have an equivalent service.

Youíve probably seen that movie with Bill Murray, Lost in Translation, right.

Jim: It sucked huge, *****, **** *****. (Too crude for my Internet)

Rob: Most people say that it was way too long. Iím like, yeah, they probably could have done whatever they wanted to do in about 30 minutes, because itís not like it had a real plot. The plot was pretty loose. It was kind of an experimental type movie, but that movie did have acts. They were just not the way youíd normally see it. You know, you got the introduction, and you had the second act where they spent time together and had companionship, and then you had the closure. Itís just not in a way that you would typically expect to see it. I was OK with it, but itís not like I want to watch it again.

Jim: It was one of those where, like, OK, why did he get an Oscar nomination for this?

Rob: Remember how we discussed before how we think a lot of critics give movies good reviews because they donít want to look unrefined? Like Ghandi, and Chariots of Fire, and Out of Africa? I think thatís the case with this movie. Also, it was directed by Francis Ford Coppolaís daughter.

Jim: OHHHHHHH! OK. That makes sense.

Rob: I just focused on that one because it wasnít your typical movie. But it did still have the acts. Just fuzzy versions of them.

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