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Jim and Rob - Roger in American Dad

Rob: You know, Roger on American Dad, he’s the most amoral individual, and will do whatever the hell he wants to do. He drowned a woman because she liked him, but she was annoying. I mean, she was a little bit of a psycho, but she hadn’t actually done anything wrong. She’s just over affectionate. She says, “We’re going to have so many babies, and he’s like, “no, no, no, no,” and he pushes her under. And then the house is upside-down, and he rushes to the flooded attic and says, “No, no! My cocaine’s in my safe!”

Jim: And then his wigs!

Rob: And then on this one episode I recorded, Stan becomes addicted to crack. He’s this totally upstanding CIA agent. He thinks it’s cold medicine at first. So, he’s in the bathroom hitting some “cold medicine,” and then Roger comes in and says, “You gonna share that crack?” Stan: “This is cold medicine.” Roger: “No sir, that’s crack.”


Rob: Stan: “No, I bought it from a guy standing in front of a soup kitchen wearing a lime-green suit oh my God it’s crack.”


Rob: That’s a funny freaking episode, man. Oh my God, it just kills me. So, Roger’s the wild card all of a sudden. I didn’t realize that before. I used to hate him. But now I understand that he’s often the source of the fun, because it’ll go in whatever freaken’ direction.

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