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Jim and Rob - Subservience

Rob: Itís always nice to simulate in your mind, what would you do if certain situations came up. What would be the best course of action? Because, often, I am confronted with these situations, and I do the wrong move; when there was a right move to make. Do you have any examples of those in your life?

Jim: Oh, Iím sure there are, I just canít think of any right now.

Rob: I think most of the things that I think of are the way I may have interaction with people at work. But, honestly, I really donít think I would have changed much about the way I did, because if was usually related to them driving me out of my fucking mind. The one thing that follows me through it is the humiliation, constantly. You know what I mean? The way they do a great job of make sure you know that youíre their bitch. You know? At my first IT job I was a major bitch, and then at my second I was more of a minor bitch. They still pushed me around, although it was more gently.

Jim: They f***ed you in the ass, but at least they used lube.

Rob: Yeah, something like that. Now, what kind of a bitch were you for that call center you worked at?

Jim: I was a customer service bitch.

Rob: Yeah, but if you ranked how much of a bitch. Were you a major Bitch? Medium? Minor? Did they do a really good job of making you feel like you were pretty much useless? Or, not useless, but you just had NO say so, whatsoever, and this is just the way it is?

Jim: Yeah.

Rob: Yeah, thatís always good.

Jim: In one breath theyíd tell you how valuable you were to them; in the next, youíre just fucking number.

Rob: Yeah. But, you know, itís really better to be abused by a policy than by a manager. An authoritarian dickhead. Because the policy, while it may be stupid, is impartial, sort of. At least in a giant organization. But when itís like a manager, or something like that, itís personal. Itís like, whatís up with this manager? Why is he being such a bastard? Or bitchÖ Of course, my definition of a policy is an arbitrary decision made by someone that invariably favors the policy maker, rather than those being affected by the policy. ďItís our policy to do this,Ē oh, OK, well itís my policy for you to not do that. So, we obviously have a problem here, right? ďOh, well, you see there is no problem because youíre our bitch. You work for us; therefore, youíre our bitch.Ē Oh, really? Well, if I, and all your other bitches, grew a set of ballsÖ

Jim: Öand told you to fuck offÖ

Rob: Right, and asserted our authority, guess what? Your policy would fucking change. Because, all of a sudden weíre not your bitch anymore, and youíll need us, because thereís nobody else that can do the job in the time that you need it done, so you NEED us. The people that had the money hired other people that usually NEEDED the money, and therefore, the employee became the bitch. You know, thereís no rule that the employee be the party at a disadvantage in an employee/employer relationship. It just usually works out that way. Image a situation in which a millionaire is providing a service to someone else. This millionaire is the only person that can provide this service, and the person thatís hiring them would be out of business without them. Also, assume the millionaire didnít need the money at all. Guess what? The employee has more power than the boss. The boss always has the prerogative to shut down his business, but the millionaire-employee always has the option to walk, effectively shutting down the bosses business. In this situation, the ďbossĒ has no power to abuse the employee with, and if he tries to be a dick, heís really screwing himself. The very nature of you job at the call center was shit right from the start. Before anybody said anything to you and made you feel like shit, you knew the nature of the work. It was sitting there for endless hours talking to people on the phone. So, the soul killing nature of the job was evident from the start. But beyond that, if you remove the oppressive policies, how much of your job dissatisfaction was related to the nature of the work?

Jim: Mmm, it was still a good amount, because you still had to deal with idiots. And youíd get people calling in and bitching at you for 8 hours a day about things that were beyond your control, that was happing thousands of miles away. At first youíd deal with it, but then after a while it wears you down.

Rob: Oh, yes, you think in theory that this is just my job, and you donít have to take it personally. You just say what youíre supposed to say, and act like a machine, in a way. But, no, thereís something about it. Most people cannot just take that abuse endlessly. We canít entirely separate in our minds whatís real and fantasy, and whatís directed at you as a person, and directed at you as an automaton. In this sense, being an automaton is supposed to protect your psyche, but it doesnít.

Jim: Yeah, you take a step back and realize that this idiot is getting this mad over clothes. Theyíre just fucking clothes. Itís not like itís medicine. Itís not food. Itís not something that you have to have to live. Youíre not going to die if you donít get your package of panties by Friday.

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