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My Trip to Washington D.C.
The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is at one end of "The Mall" (the strip of land leading directly from the US Capitol building, through the Washington Monument, runs through the length of the Reflecting Pool, and ends at the Lincoln Memorial.) The Memorial faces the Reflecting Pool, and this pool is amazingly long. It took quite a while to walk the length of it. At 2029 feet it's almost a half a mile long.

Unfortunately the day I was there the Reflecting Pool was half drained and the weather was overcast and very cold.


Unfortunately, not anticipating that I'd make web pages detailing this structure, I don't have a thorough compilation of photos that documents it to the degree that I'd say was worthy. Most notably missing is the outside from various angles, the left and right wings inside of the monument showing speeches that President Lincoln had made, the tiny gift shop, and the downstairs (yes, there is a gift shop, and there is a downstairs.)


Here's a view of the Washington Monument from inside the Lincoln Memorial. An interesting thing to remember is that the monument was already under construction prior to President Lincoln's terms in office. The crane in front of the monument was engaged in constructing the World War II Monument.

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