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My Trip to Washington D.C.
The Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is the tallest structure in Washington D.C. at 555 feet high, and will remain so by law, because no other structure is allowed to be built as tall. Viewers will notice a discoloration about midway through the structure. This is the result of the construction of the monument being halted during the Civil War. Once construction resumed after the Civil War, a slightly different color of marble was used, resulting in the discoloration. Personally, I think they should fix this. However, many make a strong (and apparently persuasive) argument that the monument should stay untouched, to preserve the original work of those who did the construction, and as a visible scar representative of the scar the war caused our nation. I can respect this perspective, but I really think that the discoloration diminishes the meaning of the monument. It is not, and was not meant to be, a civil war monument. And I think that the original artisans that constructed the monument would have wanted the colors to match but they did not have the resources necessary to accomplish this.

In case you don't know, YES, you can go up in the monument. There is an elevator. I was not able to go up because I didn't get to the ticket office in time, because I slept in. DON'T BE A NIGHT OWL ON YOUR DC VACATION. I regret this. The tickets sell out early, so get there early.

Here's an interesting photo of the Washington Monument. I was walking along and saw a peace sign on a road barrier, and with the Monument clearly in view I thought they'd make an interesting pair.

Another interesting photo that that I took was of the monument right up next to it. To be precise, I laid on my back for this photo. Now that I really look at it, it looks like a brick pier floating in the sky.

Here's a view of the Washington Monument from inside the Lincoln Memorial. An interesting thing to remember is that the monument was already under construction prior to President Lincoln's terms in office. The crane in front of the monument was engaged in constructing the World War II Monument.

And here are a few more:

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