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My Trip to Washington D.C.
The White House

The image of the White House is instantly recognizable by most Americans. Only the image of the The Capitol building can compete as a representation of the power of the United States. The White House was very blocked off on the day of our visit, because it was in 2003 and we were still traumatized from the attacks on 9/11, and were deep in the midst of fighting the Iraq War. However, even from our distant vantage point it is amazing how close you get to the White House.

The most interesting photo I have of the White House has two men dressed in black standing on the roof holding long black objects. I think it's reasonable to assume that these men are either members of the Secret Service or of the military, and I think it's safe to assume that they are either snipers or they're holding Surface-to-Air missiles. Scary, I know, but necessary.

Another interesting photo that you don't see often is of the Secret Service guard post at the gates to the of the White House.

And here are a few more ordinary White House photos:

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